Snappy for Windows


Snappy for Windows is provided free of charge under permissive BSD license. NuGet package is provided for both C++ and .NET projects. Alternatively, you can download plain ZIP file containing all the files, which also includes the command-line utilities snzip and snunzip. Sources are available via Bitbucket repositories.

NuGet package for C++

C++ NuGet package contains source code that is compiled together with your project. Your project will therefore have no DLL dependencies and there will be no C++ runtime issues. It however means that Debug build of your project will contain slower Debug build of Snappy.

PM> Install-Package Snappy

Then continue to C++ tutorial.

NuGet package for .NET

.NET DLL is AnyCPU, but it automatically forwards all calls to one of the two native DLLs depending on whether the current process is 32-bit or 64-bit. The two native DLLs are embedded as resources and unpacked into temporary location before first use.

PM> Install-Package Snappy.NET

Then continue to .NET tutorial.

Download ZIP

Here you can download ZIP file containing both the C++ DLLs (and associated LIBs and headers) and the .NET assembly. The ZIP also contains command-line utilities snzip and snunzip.


Then continue to C++ tutorial, .NET tutorial, or description of command-line tools.

Source code

Project Snappy for Windows
NuGet Snappy (C++), Snappy.NET (.NET)
Download snappy-windows-
(C++, .NET, and command-line tools)
Source code snappy-visual-cpp, Snappy.NET, and snappy-command-line on Bitbucket
License BSD license
Credits Robert Važan, upstream Snappy