Snappy for Windows

Command-line tools

Snappy for Windows includes command-line tools snzip and snunzip that can be used to manipulate Snappy files on the command line. These tools are compatible with other tools implementing Snappy framing specification.

Download the ZIP file, extract it somewhere, and find bin folder in the extracted package. You can then compress a file like this:

snzip.exe test.dat

That will produce file in the same folder. You can decompress it again like this:


Here's the list of options you can use with snzip:

snzip, znunzip - Snappy compression command-line tool
 -d --decompress --uncompress
   Run in decompression mode. This is default if started as 'snunzip'.
 -c --stdout --to-stdout
   Output to standard output instead of file.
 -t --test
   Only test integrity of the compressed file. Don't actually unpack it.
 -v --verbose
   Verbose output.
 -V --version
   Version. Display the version number and compilation options then quit.
 -h --help
   Display this information and quit.
Project Snappy for Windows
NuGet Snappy (C++), Snappy.NET (.NET)
Download snappy-windows-
(C++, .NET, and command-line tools)
Source code snappy-visual-cpp, Snappy.NET, and snappy-command-line on Bitbucket
License BSD license
Credits Robert Važan, upstream Snappy